A non-acidifying concentrated liquid source of Nitrogen and Sulphur, fortified with Fulvic and amino acids, suitable for use in all fields of agriculture.

BLU S is a neutral liquid that is buffered by natural Fulvic and amino acids to provide high foliar performance and improve soil activity.

BLU S offers a highly efficient NS format that is soft on plants, soil and machinery.

It is usable in various applications, making it a suitable replacement for solid sources of Nitrogen and Sulphur.

  • A cost effective liquid NS with added benefits to your farming systems.
  • Improve plant N use and metabolism with sulphur, a key element in all plants for the conversion of nitrogen into protein, particularly in cereals and brassicas.
  • Low salt index to reduce phytotoxic effects that otherwise cause leaf burn.
  • Buffered by organic acids for efficient assimilation into the plant tissues.
  • Effective and smooth on a wide variety of crops, even at low water rates.
  • A stabilised source of nitrogen for minimal loss to volatilisation and leaching.

BLU S Tech Sheet

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