BLU Trace

A multipurpose liquid Nitrogen, including a balanced selection of 7 other elements, fortified carbon and amino acids, for effective delivery of essential nutrients in one spray-pass. (Available  SA & NSW Only.)

BLU Trace offers growers maximum efficiency in one balanced application of cost-effective nutrition.

The natural amino acids enhance the retention of applied nutrients through chelation for improved absorption, transfer & plant use.

Amino acid absorption also aids plants in chelating toxic metal ions, avoiding interactions that could otherwise cause a lock up of vital elements.

  • A balanced supply of energy for development & protein production in cereals, pulses & oilseed crops.
  • Low salt index to reduce phytotoxic effects that otherwise cause leaf burn.
  • Improved WUE in fodder, grain & oilseed crops through increased tillering, greater resilience to common diseases & efficient photosynthetic energy production.
  • An efficient source of N and 7 other desired trace elements for improved growth & grains production.
  • pH neutral for reduced acidifying effects in soil, and less corrosive action on machinery.
  • Compatible with most in crop herbicides.

BLU Trace Tech Sheet

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