Dust Buster

Sealing agent and dust suppressant.

Manufactured in WA from the highest quality acrylic copolymer and surfactants.

Can be used on open rail cars to control loss of coal dust or iron ore to the environment.

At 1% concentration, a fast drying, thick but flexible and durable crust is formed on the surface of the consignment trapping fugitive particles of coal dust, iron ore, or bauxite.

This crust is impervious to water ensuring the contents of the rail car remains dry. Other uses include the stabilising of agricultural lime stored outdoors and as a dust suppressant during road works.

  • Versatile dust suppressant for rail cars, agricultural lime, road works etc.
  • One application for extended protection.
  • Offers significant reduction in water requirements.
  • Does not re-emulsify once dry.
  • Will not corrode any equipment.
  • Can be applied easily with conventional water spray equipment.
  • Stable under freeze-thaw conditions.


Dust Buster Tech Sheet

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