Hi Balance

A premium product focused on delivering substantial levels of phosphorous, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese.

Hi Balance is a powerful foliar, providing an alternative to solid forms of P.

It is applicable to all crops when requiring essential energy and flowering elements, particularly those growing on soils with low phosphorous and trace element availability.

  • Foliar phosphorous is a concentrated method of application and provides greater uniformity in plant active P, accounting for areas in crop where uptake from the soil is limited.
  • Hi Balance is particularly applicable in soil types known for phosphorous and other elemental lock up. Such soils include calcareous environments, soils with high contents of iron and/or aluminium, and in growing profiles of pH 5.0 or below.
  • An efficient tool for application of essential P in later crop stages, when solid forms cannot suffice.
  • Phosphorous and magnesium are essential in ATP synthesis to produce energy and vigour throughout all stages of plant life.


Hi Balance Tech Sheet

Hi Balance SDS Sheet