Hi Sea Complex

A highly concentrated and blended soil stimulant utilising natural seagrass and amino acid extracts to provide macro and micro minerals.

Utilise the power of natural extracts and potassium fulvate to stimulate soil biology, beneficial strains of mycorrhizal fungi, root growth and plant immunity.

Hi Sea Complex helps plants combat stresses of heat, frost and disease, while also conditioning soil and maximising nutrient availability with Fulvic acid fractions.


  • A versatile liquid for seed coating, foliar applications and soil conditioning.
  • A concentrated blend of seagrass and fish extracts, amino acids, potassium fulvate, NPK, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron and boron.
  • Effective in all agricultural conditions. Fish extracts stimulate flowering, fruiting and beneficial microbial growth.
  • Improvements in nutrient availability can help with increasing the shelf life of your produce.


Hi Sea Complex Tech Sheet

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