Ionic Calcium

A compatible liquid Calcium, including Boron for improved uptake. Fortified with Potassium Fulvate, for effective delivery of essential nutrients in one pass spray.

Ionic Calcium offers growers a cost-effective compatible option to help size and de stress crops through calcium nutrition. The fulvic acid enhances the retention of applied calcium for improved absorption, transfer and plant use.


  • Ionic Calcium is used as a plant nutrient in the pre-harvest treatment of crop foliage in fruit and vegetable production.
  • Great for increasing fruit quality, including stronger skin durability.
  • It can increase the size of fruit and enhance the shelf life of the fruit and vegetables.
  • Contains Boron as an adjunct to improve the Ionic Calcium uptake and the fulvate as a chemical buffer in the spray benefits.


Ionic Calcium Tech Sheet

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