Power Growth Without Crop Burn

BLU N offers a highly efficient format of Nitrogen that is soft on plants, soil, machinery and operators.

It is usable in a wide range of applications, making it a suitable and user-friendly replacement of solid sources of Nitrogen.

BLU N is a pH neutral liquid that is buffered and enhanced by natural activated carbon and amino acids to provide increased foliar performance, improved soil activity and reduced leaching.

  • A proven cost effective liquid N.
  • Low salt index to reduce phytotoxic effects that cause leaf burn.
  • Buffered by natural compounds for efficient assimilation into the plant tissues.
  • Effective and smooth on a wide variety of crops, even at low water rates.
  • A stabilised source of nitrogen for minimal loss to volatilisation and leaching.
  • Compatible with a large range of chemical products.

“We’ve found the lack of corrosion is a huge plus.

Because, as everyone knows, corrosive fertilisers and steel don’t mix too well together… And then you add some electrics on computers and auto steers and that these days, creates a lot of problems. The handling of it (BLU N) is just a huge advantage. Just a spray down with water and we are back to clean again.”

Allen Smoker – KONDININ

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