Poly PK 10-22

A concentrated P and K liquid fertiliser, with a unique polymer structure, to reduce fixation of P in retentive soils.

Poly PK 10-22 offers a liquid replacement for solid fertilisers, ideal for injection and fertigation applications in all crop types.

A unique polymer structure aids in the efficiency of applied P to the soil, while also having the ability to sequester trace elements for maximum soil fertility.


  • Poly PK 10-22 offers a cost effective and easy to handle replacement for solid fertilisers.
  • As a neutral pH liquid, Poly PK 10-22 reduces soil-acidifying practices on your soils, while improving the availability of essential elements.
  • Liquid injection provides greater uniformity of nutrient application within the furrow for roots to grow into.
  • Perfect for fertigation applications. For fast uptake of P and K.


Poly PK 10-22 Tech Sheet

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