Pro N Extra

Pro Fert is a combination of high analysis inorganic and organic fertiliser to biologically enhance the fertiliser blend, containing a wide range of nutrients and other beneficial components to improve the soils natural release of resources and improvement of soil structure.

Carbon Granule
Carbon refined lignite coal, to buffer salinity and enhance high analysis fertiliser by reducing soil interaction with antagonistic and hostile soil minerals. Carbon granule enhances microbial activity which increase fertiliser use efficiency, improving quality of produce and yield.

Mineral Granule
Organic form of macro and micro traces in a single granule. This complements high analysis fertiliser but also aids as a food source for soil biology to enhance plant physiological benefits. Silica component is important to improve the plant’s response and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress such as disease, insects, heat & cold. silicates also helps to control aluminium in the soil. A good source of Manganese perfect for reproductive growth in crops.

High Analysis Fertiliser
High grade, premium granular fertilisers are used in the Pro Fert range, including MAP, DAP, GranAm Sulphate of Ammonia, Urea, Sulphate of Potash and Elemental Sulphur chip.

Humate Coating
Humate Coating has proven efficacy in improving crop production through improving fertiliser efficiency. Humic coating increases fertiliser use efficiency of AP fertilisers, resulting 5% better yields. Humic coating acts to protect Phosphorus reducing lockup in the soil, whilst reducing Nitrogen leaching and improving the level of available nitrogen to the crop. Humiate coating also aids in dust suppressant of blends.

Biological Inoculation
Bacillus Subtilis concentrate that is applied to start up phosphorus pro fert blends. By accelerating the breakdown of crop residues and AP granular fertilisers. In the rhizosphere, plants and bacteria can develop a mutually beneficial relationship under suitable conditions, both the plants and the bacterial populations in this zone function at a higher level. This increases nutrient availability for plant uptake and utilisation, helping to optimise yield potential and providing outstanding grower Fertiliser Use Efficiency.

Available SA & NSW Only.

SA & NSW Pro Fert Granular Brochure

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