Pro S10

A biologically enhanced granular fertiliser blend, containing a wide range of nutrients and other beneficial components to improve the soils natural release of resources.

Pro S10 is a biologically balanced fertiliser containing NutriSmart, Mineral/Organics and DAP, protecting the balance of microbe communities and the capacity of the soil to release natural resources from the nitrogen and phosphorous soil bank.

Pro S10 contains Protec Coating, a source of humates, fulvates and plant growth stimulants, to enhance the N, S and P for natural nutrient uptake stimulating early plant growth, and promotes a slower release of N and good levels of S.

  • Significant biological improvements which will enhance the natural process of feeding the plant all its nutritional and health requirements through microbial action.
  • Increase root biomass for better plant uptake, growth and health in the season, whilst building soil organic matter for future value.
  • Improve soil structure, moisture holding capacity, and availability of nutrients and trace elements.
  • Persistent crop growth, long after conventional crops have finished.

Available in SA Only.

Click here for Pro S10 Tech Sheet