Restorer Pasture

A biologically enhanced loose fertiliser blend, containing a wide range of nutrients and other beneficial components to improve the soils natural release of resources.

Restorer Pasture is a complete balanced soil conditioner, containing mineral fertilisers and organic carbon.

Restorer Pasture is a blend containing 40% crude protein, and an ideal food source for microbial life, plant fertilisation and source of natural nutrients.

Based on soil test results and knowledge of soil history, Restorer Pasture can be prescribed blended to suit the destined environment.

  • Builds a balanced fertility bank and supports beneficial biology in your soil.
  • Provides organic mineral forms of nitrogen, crude protein, soluble silicates, phosphorous, potassium and essential trace elements.
  • Restorer Pasture is blended to your needs and screened to suit spreader application.


Restorer Pasture Tech Sheet

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