VAM Gro Plus

VAM Gro Plus is a multi-species microbial inoculant, providing the benefit of biological diversity for plant performance and protection.

VAM Gro Plus is a versatile inoculation suitable for seed dressing, seedling dipping, and soil injection or drenching.

The blend includes Endomycorrhizae, Trichoderma and Bacillus to help build protected root structures, up to 200 times larger than those of non-colonised plants.

VAM Gro Plus provides increased disease resistance, greater access to soil nutrients, overall improvement of plant function and production, and the starting block to soil enhancement.

  • Biology improves your crops ability to fulfill as much potential in the poorer seasons with tighter finishes and/or frost exposure. Gain your yield and quality potentials when it really counts!
  • Optimize your current and past fertiliser inputs with greater root structures and active biology 4 species of Endomycorrhizae help give colonised plants greater access to nutrients that it would otherwise not be able to capture. By releasing organic acids, endomycorrhizae solubilise and release surrounding nutrients, such as phosphorous, silica and micronutrients, for host plants to take advantage of.
  • Carbon storage helps to buffer soils and root zones from salinity, acidity and many common elemental toxicities such as aluminium.
  • Arbuscular mycorrhizae kick-start the soil rebuilding process by secreting carbon in the form of a glycoprotein glomalin. This compound is highly correlated with soil aggregation, water stability and storage, and nutrient holding capacity.
  • 2 species of Bacillus provide the natural synthesis of antibiotic substances to protect the host plant from infection by predator fungi and bacteria, and slow the spread of disease.
  • 2 species of Trichoderma colonize the surface and cortex of roots and form the defensive rhizosphere coatings. They attack, parasitise and solubilise predator fungi into usable nutrition for the host plant.


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