The Feed Gap

The Feed Gap

We note that nutritionally the feed value and content of mineral/electrolyte balances are at their lowest for the season. [Late summer/autumn].

Supplementary feeds of hays and silage are essential to hold some level of nutrition but they are only as good as the soils/inputs and yields of fodder produced often yield compromises the mineralisation content of most fodders as numbers of rolls per hectare is the first target with budgets to be achieved in programs.

March/April are traditionally calving months for cattle and  pregnant ewes. Well mineralised nutrition is critical at this time to maintain pregnancy as well as building the foundation for healthy lambs and wool with the coming of season feed change.

To lift the value of the dry feeds with a spray in March/April I offer a range of spray recipes to accommodate both a lift in palatability/digestibiltiy as well as making the foods safer in the rumen against seasonal spoilage.

Recipe for Pasture conditioning to improve palatability/digestibility and reduce pasture toxins with degrading feeds and possible new flush of germination. [This recipe also helps lift soil ph and will replace hard liming/dolomite for positive legume germination and clover performance].

BLU S @ 10L/ha

Bio Active 22 @ 1L/ha

Hi 3 Trace @ 1L/ha

Maxi Foliar Plus @ 2L/ha

Supa Dol @ 2-5L/ha

Approximate cost =$28.00 – $36.00* [depending upon quantity needed].

Suggest nozzle size to be a minimum of 03/04 with a screen size of 80 mesh and good agitation in the tank.


*Note: Prices are subject to change and are ex GST.