Bio Active 22

A natural nutrition source of organic activated carbon with amino acids for soil biology/fertiliser coating and foliar to enhance crop growth.

Additional carbon substances to soils can be one of the first and most important steps towards building soil carbon and maintaining a sustainable fertility program.

Bio Active 22 acts as a catalyst for initiating soil metabolic processes with long-term benefits beyond the year of application.

Bio Active 22 is also an ideal liquid for coating of solid fertilisers to improve their performance.

  • A versatile liquid for soil conditioning and fertiliser enhancement.
  • A natural stimulant for plant and microbial life, and enhancement of soil, water and nutrient retention.
  • A natural detoxifying agent known to accelerate photo-degradation of pesticides and lower toxicity of heavy metals.
  • Increase calcium retention, ideal for addition of Super Cal range.
  • Effective in all agricultural conditions. Assists with displacing sodium ions, buffers toxic pH environments, and stabilises soil temperatures.
  • Good foliar as well to enhance plant growth.


Bio Active 22 Tech Sheet

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