Fulva Wet

A Highly Active Anionic Surface Active Agent With Activated Carbon, for Assisting Foliar Fertiliser Uptake and Wetting of Water Repellent Soils.

Fulva Wet is a premium surface active agent with the benefit of fulvic acid, phosphorous, potassium and carbon.

Enhance your program at every step by improving surface area activity of applied liquid fertilisers to plant and soil surfaces.

From soil amelioration to a photosynthesis boost, Fulva Wet is the ideal plant, root and soil stimulant.

  • Foliar uptake enhancer of liquid fertiliser products.
  • Improves water penetration into soil.
  • Wide range of compatibility with liquid fertilisers.
  • Can assist in detoxifying polluted soils and improve oxygen induction.
  • Energy source for soil biology.


Fulva Wet Tech Sheet

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