A premium soluble calcium potassium silicate boosted with nitrogen.

Hi CKS can be utilised in all forms of agriculture and a wide range of applications.

Silicates are vital for strengthening cell walls and trans locating plant sugars for building brix levels.

Hi-CKS is a premium grade of silicate with efficient foliar and soil performance, especially applicable to legume, brassica and horticultural crops during finishing applications.

  • A neutral liquid suitable for soil applications for improved root growth.
  • Improve nutrient uptake and transportation, and balance soils requiring small calcium inputs.
  • Silica and calcium are vital in cell wall strength and the associated resilience to disease and frost damage.
  • Calcium and silica help to alleviate many biotic and abiotic stresses including temperature
  • Hi-CKS can improve grain weight and fruit fill when applied at the right time.
  • Silicates help moderate the detrimental effects of excess aluminium, iron, sodium and manganese in the soil, while also slowing the loss of potassium.


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