Hi Fulvic

A natural nutrition source of liquid Potassium Fulvic acid derived from decaying
organic matter and microbial activity.

Hi Fulvic is suitable for use in conjunction with most fertilisers and herbicides, for both foliar and furrow applications.

In a powerful liquid form, it provides a multitude of benefits to plant and soil life.

Also as a natural chelating agent, it helps to re-establish a balance in the production cycle by dissolving and mobilising minerals and elements for absorption by living cells.

  • A versatile liquid for seed coating, foliar applications and soil conditioning.
  • A natural stimulant for plant and microbial life.
  • A detoxifying agent through chelation and dissolving of compounds.
  • Effective in all agricultural conditions.
  • Enhances nutrient uptake, buffers toxic pH conditions, and enhances all agricultural liquids.
  • Increased availability of imperative elements such as phosphorous, silica and zinc.
  • Stimulation of naturally occurring growth promotants and anti-oxidants.


Hi Fulvic Tech Sheet

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