Hi Potassium

A high analysis citrated liquid potassium. Suitable in all areas of agriculture as an ideal replacement for solid sources of K.

In this format, potassium is quick to be accepted and adsorbed by living tissues, making it a great fit for high production systems and/or deficient scenarios.

Foliar applications of Hi-Potassium remove unnecessary and harmful inputs to your soils, such as chlorides and salts, in a cost effective K format essential for all growing environments.


  • Cost effective and powerful format of Potassium.
  • Potassium is required in nearly every aspect of plant growth.
  • Improve your nitrogen use efficiency and plant vigour.
  • Improve cell wall and tissue structures.
  • Increase the production and translocation of sugars, and protein synthesis.
  • Reduce negative inputs on your soils.


Hi Potassium Tech Sheet

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