Hi Sil Plus

A premium soluble potassium silicate boosted with carbon and amino acids for plant cell strength and nutrient flow.

Hi Sil Plus can be utilised in all forms of agriculture and a wide range of applications.

Hi Sil Plus is a premium grade of silicate that offers an efficient and excellent option for coverage over leaf and plant surfaces.

Utilise Hi Sil Plus for improving the set and fill of grains and fruits, and prior to frost risk periods.


  • Silica plays a strong role in the alleviation of biotic and abiotic stress such as extremes of temperature.
  • Improved photosynthesis and translocation of nutrients and sugars throughout living cells.
  • Improves grain and fruit fill.
  • Silica is vital for improved resilience to disease and frost damage through strengthening of cell walls, particularly in cereals and grasses.
  • Potassium silicate can moderate the detrimental effects of excess aluminium, sodium and manganese.
  • An alkaline liquid suitable for injection into acidic soils for improved root growth and the uptake of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur.


Hi Sil Plus Tech Sheet

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