Seed Gro Plus

Seed Gro Plus is a balanced liquid blend of micro and macro elements and natural amino acids for seedling vigour and microbial stimulation.

Seed Gro Plus offers a balanced and pH neutral approach to seed nutrition. Trace elements such as zinc, manganese and molybdenum are included for improved germination and root growth.

Small reserves of NPK promote early development and strength. Seed Gro Plus provides a microbial stimulation and energy source for greater plant performance and yield potential, making it a perfect companion to VAM Gro Plus.


  • Cost efficient and easy to apply liquid seed coat, applicable to all plants.
  • Neutral pH for improving the soil environment around the seed, and will not corrode augers and field bins.
  • Improved germination and promotes early vigour of seedling and roots.
  • Not only nutrition for seedlings, but also a microbe stimulant and feed source.
  • Seed Gro Plus supports beneficial soil biology which protect and feed your plants, and gain plants greater access to P in your soils.
  • Reduce the pruning effects of chemicals and acidic fertilisers.


Seed Gro Plus Tech Sheet

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