Super Dol

A free flowing micronised concentrate of natural dolomite.

Super Dol is a versatile liquid product, developed for soil and plant applications. A superior fineness of particulates naturally enhances the reactivity of calcium and magnesium in this form, providing fast soil and leaf infiltration.

  • Super Dol is an efficient tool for manipulating soil structure and chemistry by inducting oxygen, adjusting pH and adding calcium and magnesium to the soil colloid.
  • Micronised particles have high surface area to volume ratios, giving high reactivity.
  • Ideal for attaining the preferred calcium/magnesium ratio in the root zone quickly.
  • Super Dol is cost efficient. Improve the rate of return on your financial inputs with a compact, easy to store and cheap to transport form of dolomite that is fast acting and effective.
  • Improve plant metabolism with calcium and magnesium, particularly in legumes and pastures for encouraging fibre production and reducing nitrates.
  • Magnesium is a vital element in the chlorophyll molecule, improving its photosynthetic ability to absorb light energy over a wider spectrum; meaning plants are actively converting light energy into growth energy for longer periods.
  • A perfect addition to any precision-ag practices, including VRT, injection systems and flood jetting applications due product consistency allowing for superior coverage and uniform application across plants and soil.


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