SuperCal 30

A free flowing, high concentrated calcium carbonate suspension.

SuperCal 30 is a versatile liquid product, developed for soil and foliar applications. It provides growers an efficient tool for manipulating soil pH, soil structure, and plant physiology.

A superior fineness of particulates allows for fast soil infiltration, and naturally enhances the reactivity of calcium carbonate.


  • Calcium in this micronised form is highly reactive in soil, and effective in the suppression of sodium and other elements detrimental to plant performance when in over abundance.
  • Efficiently ameliorate your soils with natural calcium. A useful tool for pasture manipulation, particularly successful for increasing legume populations in many soils.
  • Calcium is a necessity for cereal, brassica and legume crop performance. Utilising calcium in soil preparation and foliar application will improve the yield potential of any plant when applied properly.
  • As a compact and easy to store product, SuperCal 30 provides a cost efficient option when transporting your agricultural calcium requirements.
  • A perfect addition to precision-ag practices, including VRT, injection systems, and flood jetting, allowing for superior coverage and uniform application of calcium across plants and soil.
  • Improve the rate of return on financial inputs with a fast and effective form of calcium carbonate.


SuperCal 30 Tech Sheet

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