Maxi Foliar Fruit

The premium and complete foliar fertilisers specifically designed for horticultural and viticultural requirements.

Maxi-Foliar Fruit is purpose built for when growers require greater control over their N inputs.

As part of our premium range of complete foliar fertilisers, it contains a powerful and balanced blend of NPK, chelated trace elements and amino acids, at a neutral pH to ensure maximum plant uptake with minimum stress.

  • Growers can rely on Maxi Foliar for providing a comprehensive range of crop requirements, allowing for the control of crop energy and vigour to ensure product quality.
  • The ability to control N inputs while still providing a balanced application of other essential elements can reduce the risk of crop damage from disease, pests and frost.
  • The Maxi Foliar range is compatible with the majority of agro chemicals and other nutrient products.


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